If I’m gonna lose you, I’ll lose you now for good

We played another basketball match yesterday. And we won - miraculously. This is our second game against this team, and we’ve won both of them. Which is good. As usual, I played a lousy offence, but a decent to good defense. Division three suits me just well. After the match, I had the option to go out and drink even some more beer, but I politely declined, since I felt I had used more than enough money on Friday. I also got an SMS from Stine, who wanted to know what I’d been up to and if we could meet some time soon. I’m still not sure if it’s a good idea, since it’s just close to two weeks since the breakup. But if she wants to meet, I guess we should do that. Let’s just hope I don’t jump on her and start humping her leg, as I could seriously need some leg-humping right now. And by writing that, I ruined the night for most of you. Judging by the SMS, she’s doing rather good now, but then again, it’s hard to be sure when it’s just plain text. But I really hope she is doing good.

The V-Box is back to being a $400+ paperweight, as I’ve started the operation of installing FreeBSD 5.0. So far I’ve only got the basics plus sshd installed, I’ll have a go at installing the rest of the servers tomorrow - if I can remember how I did it the last time. The guide I was rambling on about in the previous post will probably not see the light of day for a while, since I didn’t actually make any notes as I went through the installation. Oh, well, just use Google, as I did. I’ll write the guide when I get unemployed, in about six months time.


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