If you plan to live here, you have to pay

Today I’ve been waiting for the phone to ring. I’m waiting for a call from the people I talked to about a job last week. They told me they were going to call me back up early next week. Well, it’s next week now, and I guess the only days that really qualify as early in a week are Monday and Tuesday. Since they didn’t call me today, which is Tuesday if you just woke up, I have to call them tomorrow. Maybe it’s all some kind of test? Maybe they have satellites up there that spy on me, to see how I respond to the missing phone call? Maybe my life is just a TV show? If so, I would like to discuss my salary.

After having a closer look at the picture posted yesterday, comparing it to the pictures posted the day before yesterday, I’ve come to the possible conclusion that the girl from yesterday’s shot might be the same girl who is in the upper-left shot the day before. Not that it matters, it’s just something that struck my mind.

Another good sign that summer is coming is the enormous number of spiders I have to remove from my bedroom. Today I calmly “evicted” three of them, but before I crushed the second one with my He-Man-man like strength, I took a picture of it. Let’s just say that they’re the reason why I shake my bed sheets violently every night before I go to bed.


Oh, and this is fortunately not a 1:1 picture, I used the 3x zoom on my Cannon PowerShot G2. But it’s still not something you want to have crawling down your underpants.


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