Not much to report today. Stine is coming to visit tomorrow, she’s staying until Monday, so there might not be that many updates for you this week. But if I know myself well enough, I guess I’ll need some time by the computer during the week. Nerd.

Been listening to a lot of good comedy by Bill Hicks lately. He’s got some hilarious jokes and I recommend him to everyone. Except maybe for pro-life people. And Christians. And hicks. And patriots. Too bad the guy is dead.

Firebird is out in a new version with a new name, now it’s called Firefox. I’ve not been able to download the browser, so good luck to you all.

The site - this site, that is - had a little downtime tonight, don’t know why, but I was suddenly getting 403 Forbidden error messages while trying to access it and I was unable to connect to the FTP server. My host have been talking about adding some more RAM to some of their servers, so they might have done that and restarted my server. Why they did it during peak hours is beyond me, but no harm done, the site you all love is back up and breathing again. For now.