I’m a damn BSD n00b

All right. That’s it. I’m tired of wrestling with FreeBSD. I had 5.0-RC3 up and running smoothly, but thought I should do a clean install of 5.0 when it was released yesterday. Dumb, dumb, dumb! I can’t get MySQL to work, not the port from the FreeBSD site, not the port from MySQL, not even the source. I’m installing Debian. Period.

I had my second face-plan in two weeks because of the ice-covered roads today, so I finally took the hint Mother Nature has been trying to give me: “It’s winter - take the bus! Or change to your winter tires.” Since I’m not a .com-millionaire yet, I changed to my winter tires.

Me and Hallvard went to see Bowling for Columbine yesterday. A good documentary indeed, should be part of the syllabus for high school kids everywhere.


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