I’m bad, I’m so bad!

Today didn’t go exactly as planned. I should have started to work on some Java/Oracle magic, but to do that I needed access to a share on a Windows server. This share had 1,000,000+ files on it (yes, that’s one million plus files, ladies and gentlemen), and giving me access to this share meant that Windows had to update its access information for every single file. Needless to say, this took a few hours. So instead I revamped NRK’s PDA service. That took me a mere hour, plus another two for testing and tweaking, plus I had to set up the PDA, download software, register with AvantGo and other related tasks, so all in all I guess I used about four hours or something like that. Now, I can’t really remember what I did the four hours before I started with the PDA service, and that kind of bothers me. Does it mean I did nothing? I know I was at the office, what the hell did I do?

Oh, I remember now, I made sure Telenor Mobil gets a link back to their site whenever a user access the NRK site from one of their pages. Phew. I was a little afraid I had been in a coma for four hours.

If you want to have a look at the NRK PDA pages, you can either point your PDA browser to pda.nrk.no which should redirect you to the right place, let me know if it doesn’t (Opera users identifying as Opera will be taken to the WAP pages, identify as something else instead), or you could alternatively register the NRK channel at AvantGo and re-sync your PDA.

What is also cool is that you can register www.vegard.net (that’s this site, in case you have stumbled in there) as an AvantGo custom channel. It’ll be readable thanks to the clever use of XHTML and CSS. The power of web standards, people! Make sure you set Link Depth to 1 or more to get the comment pages.

So for the update I promised you yesterday: This entry is too long already, and if you bothered to read this far, I have to congratulate you. Besides that, I came up with a lot of clever things to write yesterday evening, and I can’t remember any of them now. Let’s postpone the whole shebang until tomorrow, shall we? Any hate and/or flame-comments can be posted in the comments section for this entry.

Now I’ve got to get back to my apartment. One of the girls who usually lives there is coming back for an extended weekend trip to Oslo and I have to make the place look a little bit respectable. She is arriving in an hour or so, gotta run.


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