No update for you yesterday. It seems I can only work so much with the site before I get bored, and yesterday I spent an hour or so translating a couple of pages into Norwegian. So instead of pushing a half-bad entry on you, I decided to keep my mouth shut.

Me, Klas and Håkon saw Jackass on the big screen, Jackass: The Movie, yesterday. I wouldn’t exactly say that it was hilarious, but it was funny at times. Some of these guys have a sick sense of humor (“Yeah, let’s take a piss on some snow and then eat it, I bet that’s funny!"), while others, like Johnny Knoxville, just likes to get his ass kicked by a boxer twice the size of him. “Hey, Johnny, where are we going?” “Tooo theee hoooossspitaaaaal…?” That was funny and I laughed.

Any plans for today then? Well, of course. In a couple of hours I head up to Kine for a quick photo session. With the stuff I learned on Wednesday when I took pictures of Stine, I hope today’s result is of better quality. At around four, I’m going to a short film festival downtown to see a movie that Merete has been heavily involved in making. Then, if I make it, I’m off to Moholt again for dinner with the gang. After that I guess it’s time for a few beers again.

This weekend looks like it can turn out to be a very good one.