Last weekend, when I didn’t work, I spent most of my with The Girlfriend. On Saturday we went to a party with some of her friends. I’ve also met The Girlfriend’s ex-boyfriend, or actually ex-fiancé to be more exact, a couple of times now. He was at the same party yesterday and he and The Girlfriend is still very, very close. I’m a bit surprised to say that I’ve got no problems with that at all. It could be that I’m a bit naive, but I trust her. I tend to try to be a bit naive when I’m in the process of getting to know people: Start by trusting them 100%, and take it from there. I still haven’t got burned doing it that way.

I’m sure I won’t be burned this time either.

Tonight I’m seeing A History of Violence. This is the first movie I see featuring Viggo Mortensen ever since the mainstream audience got to know him through the three The Lord of the Rings movies.