About a week now since the Indian Ocean Earthquake. You’ve probably heard about it by now, considering it’s not been anything else on TV, on the radio or on the Internet. It makes you wonder; what’s happening in other parts of the world? Did they take the week off in Iraq? What’s happening in Israel at the moment? Did the US nuke Fallujah? If they did, would anybody notice? Are there are Palestinians left? Sure, the tsunami is important news, it’s the deadliest natural disaster in modern history, but let’s not forget that other things are still happening, too.

Also, an interesting paradox is that, according to the UN, “Around 25 million people die annually from hunger”, but I didn’t see any major world wide relief efforts or 24/7 CNN coverage last year because of that.

I guess that wasn’t exactly the type of stuff you’re used to reading here, was it? Ha!