Bah! That about sums up last week. Made a fool of myself on the oral exam…and…come to think of it, that was the only bad thing happening last week. But it had its impact. My mood is like a roller coaster at the moment. One minute I don’t care much about the exam (I can give it another try at some later time), the next minute I really hate it (I really don’t have the time to give it another try, but then again, I don’t have a real choice).

My Dell Inspiron finally arrived on Monday. It only took Dell 43 days to deliver it. New record? I hope so. Read the whole story here. The computer works really well, it has its flaws, but it’s just things I can get used to. Like the keyboard. I constantly hit the wrong keys. But it will get better.

Me and Stine is doing well again. And that’s a good thing. I briefly met one of her sisters a few days ago, when I told her my name, she looked little surprised, so I guess Stine hasn’t told her about us getting back together. Why the hell am I telling you this?

Tonight it looks like I’ll go out with a bunch of guys for a few beers. Cheers!