For a week now, starting today, I’m having a personal research project going on. I’ve closed my Instant Messaging (IM) client, Trillian, and the intention is to keep it closed until next Sunday. Why? I’m not sure if I really need it. I seldom use it for anything useful, just chit-chat. And this chit-chat is usually with people who are living within striking distance anyway, so if I feel a sudden need to talk to them, I could just hop on my bike (with those new and a-bit-too-effective breaks). Or pick up the phone. No biggie. But I guess I’m back online before Wednesday. When you’re used to being available 24/7, you feel a little isolated when you’re suddenly offline. Some people might see it as a little ironic that I’m having a anti-IM week, when the project I’m having at the uni is about 25% IM related.

Another nostalgic world opened last night, when I started to search for C64 demos. I found, C64.CH a site packed with classics. My first goal was to find kanonKorven by Noise. And after some searching around, I was also able to find Pravda by Triad. The last part features the best tune ever composed on a C64. To watch these demos, you need some C64 emulator, like VICE.