Is That You, Mel C?

Through work I’d got my hands on a VIP-badge to the Live'05 event in Middelalderparken yesterday. Some famous and some not-so-famous artists got together to entertain the people. I thought that the VIP-badge would give me access to maybe a tent (great if it starts to rain) and a place where they sold beer (great if you want to have a beer). Not only did I get access to a nice tent, but they also served as much free beer as you could drink. Free beer. It’s probably the best idea so far this year, and I doubt that anyone will come up with a better one. World peace is out of the question, I guess.

So me, Espen and Espen’s buddy Lars Georg generally had a good time, we all got a tad drunk, but I was sober enough to find my way to TC’s place in the middle of the night. She’d spent the evening with some friends, desperately trying to read a book - not the most social thing you can do when you’re with friends, but she tends to get a little obsessed when she starts reading something.

Now you’ll have to excuse me, I’m going to drive a very fast car through some very crowded streets before I clean the apartment, get some work done and hopefully meet up with TC again.

Did I mention that I drank free beer all night? I guess I did, but I don’t mind mentioning it again because free beer is something that usually doesn’t exist in my world.


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