It came from the desert

We all have our productive and less productive days. Today I had my first less productive day at NRK. They want statistics for everything, and this time it’s the number of Java application downloads via WAP. The problem is that I really don’t enjoy number crunching that much, and doing it efficient requires some rather nasty SQL statements, with a couple of JOINs on four or five tables and stuff like that. The problem is that I’ve not used JOIN for a couple of years. So things were a little slow today.

Back in May I posted entry #347: Where are they now? where I started wondering where all my old friends had gone. And guess what happened yesterday: Svein Olav was searching for his name on Google and came across the entry and my site. So now I’ve got him on MSN. Good stuff. Maybe I should post the names of various famous people and hope that they stumble across my site, too.

On Thursday I’m probably meeting with Anja. I still don’t know enough people here in Oslo and from the little contact I’ve had with her, she seems like she could be a very nice addition to my social life. The last time I had this feeling was when I met Camilla, and I was right then. She’s unfortunately living far, far away from Oslo, but I hope I’ll see her again soon. The date on Thursday is not really a date, Anja has made it quite clear that she’s not looking for a boyfriend, she simply just want to make new friends. But we’ll see what happens when the Vegard-machine is turned on!

Oh, I’m just kidding.

Really. I am.


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