I downloaded a couple of tracks from the Kahvi Collective today. Generally the songs are quite good, very relaxing. I surely recommend the site.

Yesterday’s urge to break out and do something is not completely gone. A walk in the park with my Digital Rebel and a short session of alternative rock played at an unhealthy volume helped a bit, but I’ve still got this itchy feeling. It’s mostly located in my left foot and my stomach. Don’t ask me why, because I have no idea.

On Friday I bought a backpack for my camera and the lenses I borrow. The backpack in itself was overkill, it’s got room for the camera, ten lenses and some other junk I decide to bring with me. Right now I only own one lens, the one that came with the camera, so I consider the bag an investment for the future. Lenses are fucking expensive and then some, so I doubt that I’ll ever own as many as ten of them. But it’s always good to have the extra room.

Today I brought all the lenses with me, which was a very good thing because I could use the lens that best matched the motive. I ended up taking everything from macro shots to landscape shots. I even took a couple I think I’ll keep, but nothing I’ll post online. If I ever go to Cali, I’ll post some for you.

Yet Another Cali es Cali Babe


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