I’m sitting at my university, waiting for a lecture to start. Hallvard has been talking about some new iMacs that have been set up at one of the computer labs. It’s not hard to see that Mac isn’t the preferred brand of computers at NTNU. There are six iMacs at the computer lab, three of the old type, three of the new and strange looking type. I think the rest of the computers at the uni are IBM compatible PCs.

The iMac monitor stand/computer box is rather ugly, but the screen is just great. Having a wide screen like this is a great idea. And the OS looks very good visually. As a whole, the iMac is just dead sexy. My next computer might just be a Mac. It might take a while getting used to it, but when you’ve settled down with the iMac, I guess you’re just lost in it.

And look at that - a new version of your favorite browser, Opera, is out - Opera 7 Beta 1. Gotta get my ass home and check it out. When the lecture is over. I’m having a presentation. Yikes!

Since I’m having a hard time finding all the characters I want on this keyboard, I won’t tell you what I’m listening to right now.