It’s easy if you just put your mind to it

The Russian Minister of Foreign Affairs is in town this week and he is a guy who knows how to move around with style. Yesterday he and his companions passed by the building where I live; a load of police vehicles, including motor cycles, ordinary police cars and huge vans probably filled up with SWAT and other well-armed personnel. In the middle of this convoy were two black cars with no markings, most likely hiding the Minister and his people.

From my room, attacking his car with a HEAT 751 rocket propelled grenade would’ve been a no-brainer. At least if you know how to handle a 84mm Carl-Gustav. I was lucky enough to learn how when I had my mandatory military service a few years back.

Today I saw the Minister and his friends again, and this time I was even closer. This close actually.

The Russian Minister of Foreign Affairs visits Norway

What if I’ve had some bad-ass machine gun with me instead of my Nokia 6230 - which took a decent photo, by the way. Not that I would’ve started firing, I have no reason for doing that. But some people probably think they do. That’s not the point. The point is that if you really put your mind to it, you can achieve most things. Like killing the Russian Minister of Foreign Affairs. I’m just an ordinary guy with no intentions of doing anything like that, but still, I’ve been close enough to do it two times in two days. What about the people who want to kill the guy?

And now, as I’ve probably set off a few alarms around the globe, I’ll switch us over on a different track.

I ordered the Canon EOS 300D, a.k.a. The Digital Rebel, today. It was expensive as hell, but hearing that click-sound when pressing the shutter button, knowing that I can chose from a vast range of high quality lenses, and being able to take as many pictures I want without having to pay loads and loads of money to have them developed is hopefully worth it. If I’m very lucky, it’ll be here tomorrow.

You know I’ll keep you posted. And hopefully, I’ll be able to post some nice pictures for you soon, too. Like Tor Olav does on his site. Too bad it’s so few. Come to think of it, I fantasized of posting my pictures when I bought the G2, too, but that never happened. Hmmmm…


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