It’s getting hotter out there!

Yup, right now the weather thingy is reporting 21°C outside. My thermometer says 19°C, so let’s just say 20°C.

Yesterday was Stine’s birthday. “Oh, brilliant timing with the breaking up!”, you’re probably thinking out loud. Well, yeah - I agree. But if I had waited until after her birthday, that wouldn’t have made it any better for her. Looks like she is handling it quite well, too. I think she’s a little surprised about that. Could be that she didn’t like yours truly as well as she thought. I’m not too surprised about that, though.

Anyways, I bought her a copy of the first Harry Potter book for her birthday. She’s never voluntary read a single book in her entire life, I thought it was a about time to start now. She said she was going to read it, time will show.

Today I had my first (or second if you count the exam I had in Oslo) university exam this semester. Let’s just say I tried and leave it at that, shall we?

Today I’m taking the rest of the day off. If I have deserved it or not may be discussed, but I’m doing it anyway. Haha!

Some good news for all you design-heads out there: Good old K10k is up and running again, and it’s running smoothly on Opera, which was a nice surprise indeed. Another good reason to stop using that Microsoft shite. Or Netscape for that matter. here’s another good reason to start using Opera (if you’re on a Linux box).

Doing some surfing today I found this site. It contains a collection of peoples desktops. Be warned, though, it’s not for the bandwidth impaired. Seeing a picture of someone’s desktop is, in itself, not that interesting, but having a look at all the extremely nice designs the desktop owners had made was pretty damn interesting. Oh, I envy their talent.

I have to head over to the grocery store now to buy some post-exam-food. Expect more updates into the evening and night.


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