It’s not as bad as you want it to be

When I was riding the bus downtown to see Ying xiong yesterday evening, I silently realized that things aren’t as bad as I feel they are (read entry #306: Two words. they can take you both up and down for a quick update on what I’m talking about if you’re not quite following the story). Yeah, I have the odd downer now and then, but this kind of downer is the only kind I ever have. I don’t have severe economic problems, I’ve got a place to live, I’ve got good friends - and as it is now, it seems I might even end up with a couple more in the not so distant future - there is no price on my head, I’m my good way to get a decent education, I’ve still got all my limbs, and I’m certainly not living in Iraq. All which are pretty good things, if you think about it.

In an hour or so I’m jumping on the bus to Husebyhallen where my team is playing in the basketball play offs. I’m really not that motivated, but I’m usually not in the hours before a match. It all gets better as soon as I’m at the sports center with the suit on, warming up. We’ll probably lose the game - not the best attitude, I know, but the team we’re playing against has crushed us both times we’ve met them, mainly because they’re using a lot of players from a better league - but I’ll do my best. As I always do. I’m such a good boy.

Ying xiong (a.k.a. Hero) is one of the better movies I’ve seen in a while, certainly a lot better than Daredevil, which was crap. If you liked Wo hu cang long (a.k.a. Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon), you’ll also like Ying xiong. It’s not as good, but it’s well worth the $6 I had to pay to see it.

Oh, I almost forgot. To the one who called me about 10 minutes after midnight last night: I didn’t hear your call and my cellular’s caller ID has stopped working - very practical, indeed - so I have no idea who you are. Please call again if it was anything important.


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