I hate NetBeans. I detest it. It’s a lousy excuse for crap and another word for “frustration” I’m beginning to believe that it was coded for one purpose only: To make my life a miserable. If I had enough money, I would pay all the developers to stop working on it, buy their servers, burn them and redirect the domain to my site instead. I’m having a huge project at the university where I’m coding a module for NetBeans. Yesterday I was able to solve a NetBeans-related problem. My program was finally imported correctly as a module. It took me three painstaking days to solve it, and doing that was mostly thanks to qualified guesses and luck. But getting it to run as a module only resulted in even more problems. When my program is running outside NetBeans it does what it’s supposed to. Connect to a server, send some packets, receive some packets, do some stuff, impress the right people. But load it as a module and nothing happens. Nothing. I should start to mediate for peace in the middle east instead. At this point that seems like a much easier job. Hopefully, my hate towards NetBeans will decrease when if I get things to work.

I’ve also decided to keep my mouth shut and speak only when spoken to. No matter what I do, it seems like I’m annoying people in one way or another. So, if you hear me speak on my own initiative, tell me to shut the hell up.

And now, for some more pleasant things.

Sympatico is still spamming their visitors with clips from Matthew Good’s latest album. Yesterdays piece was two minutes thirty seconds of track #9, ‘Near Fantastica’. At first it didn’t sound too good, but now I’ve been listening to it for a few times, and it’s getting better each time. My mood is even getting a little better, and that’s a very good thing. You might just be able to listen to it if you hurry up and get your ass over there before today’s clip is put online. Daily clips from Matthew Good’s ‘Avalanche’ at Sympatico. The only bad thing so far about this album is that my copy didn’t arrive in the mail today as I had hoped. Better luck tomorrow. That’ll save the weekend.

The poll - have a look at the top of this page (if the poll isn’t closed that is) - is progressing nicely, and I’m actually getting more votes than I had hoped. A big thanks to everyone who has voted and everyone who is going to. Haven’t voted yet? Shame on you!

Whops, looks like you missed ‘Near Fantastica’. The new clip is online now, it’s #10, ‘Song for the Girl’. I’m off to listen. Oh, joy.