Waddayaknow… This evening I got my first semi-positive feedback on one of the many general job applications I’ve sent to various companies around the globe. I’d only sent this company my resumé and now they want me to send some more papers; references, testimonials and the likes. As far as I know, the they don’t hire at the moment, but just getting registered in their system with a star or two is better than nothing. And I just saw that my faculty down at the university also has an open position as chief engineer, and I might as well apply to that one, too, it’s not that I’ve got anything to lose. Wish me the best of luck. Like you always do.

About a month ago I went to one of those I’ve-Got-A-New-Apartment-Let’s-All-Drink-Some-Beer-Parties. I only knew two people there, and I ended up chatting with some girl I didn’t know for the entire evening. A nice girl. Today I suddenly get an SMS from the one who held the party, asking me if I’ve had any contact with the girl I met. But no I haven’t, and why did she want to know that? Because it suddenly turns out that the girl liked me and maybe I wanted to go to the movies or something with her some day.

Let me refer to a well-know abbreviation, frequently used among chat-heads: WTF?! It’s been a good month since we met. I have had no contact with her since the party. And I had to think real hard when I was asked about her, because the name didn’t immediately make any of those bells go off in my head. Why does she - at least indirectly - contact me a whole month after we met? I guess there is something in the air. It’s spring. Rabbits start humping. People feel the urge to do exactly the same. Come to think of it, it’s quite possible that she never intended to contact me at all, maybe the person who sent me the SMS was just pulling some strings on her own on the other girl’s knowing.

Oh, well, let’s not linger too much on that one, shall we?

I tried to come up with a very smooth transition to Camilla here, but I couldn’t. Seems like my mentioning of this mystery girl has raised a few eye brows, and judging by the questions - and by demands by some nutcases - I’ve got through the site and IM yesterday and today, I guess some of you are a tad interested in knowing more about her. Well, tough luck! I’m not telling! In your face, suckas!