Yesterday evening, after I’d returned home from work, cleaned the apartment and at least thought of vacuuming my own room, the Bore-O-Meter hit an all time high. I had nothing to do, even though I had plenty of stuff I should do. You’re probably familiar with the feeling. The five year old had gone totally wild with one of those small toy cars that you place on the floor, pull back and then release, just to see it bang into something. This car probably travelled a few miles on the living room floor yesterday, meaning that the being in living room watching the idiot box was more or less out of the questions. So I started to send SMS messages to a bunch of people, but of course, they were all busy doing other things. Like flossing the cat or watching paint dry (all right, so they all had good excuses, but, hey, let me complain a little just for show). I even sent an SMS to Therese, Suong’s sister, whose apartment I rented when I first moved to Oslo. I’ve never really spent any time with her, but when you’re as bored as I was, you try every option you available. I was sort of expecting her to look at me as a stalker-weirdo for just throwing the SMS in her lap, and I was prepared to blame it on a simple missend if it became a little awkward.


But she, too, was busy doing something else. Or at least that was what her first reply said. Then she suggested that we could see Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl, and since I wouldn’t mind seeing it again, I welcomed the invitation. Unfortunately, we didn’t arrive at the cinema until one minute before the movie started and it was sold out. Instead we spent a couple of hours at a local café and saw a late showing of The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. It turned out to be one of those movies where the trailer is really more entertaining than the movie itself, but the idea behind The League of Extraordinary gentlemen is brilliant, so it kind of worked anyway. But not a two timer.

So, a big thanks to Therese for saving me from a boring Friday night.

My wireless router arrived today. After a little messing around with it, it’s now configured to allow access based on MAC addresses and the data is encrypted with a manual 128 bit key. I really don’t want any free-riders and eavesdropping. Now all I need is an Internet connection. Maybe on Monday. The cable guy was supposed to call yesterday to confirm that he was coming on Monday, but he never called. If he doesn’t show up on, I’ll have to call the Tele2 help desk again, and I feel a little sorry for the poor motherfucker who is unlucky enough to answer my call.

Tonight I’m playing Risk at Ola’s. So there is no need to worry. I won’t bother you. Probably.