It’s small, but it’s more than nothing.

I’m about to leave the office, but decided to write a small update. The two of you who are visiting the site regularly deserve it.

Today I got my first of two paychecks. It’s been a long time since I had this much money, it’s a good thing. There is a couple of things I want to buy, but I’m saving the money in case I get a permanent vacation after August 15. I’m still hoping that I can stay at NRK, there is enough to do, but they probably don’t have the money to keep me here. Too bad. I’m still looking for work and sending out job applications, and I sent out two today. Crossing my fingers, as always.

And, hell, that’s about all I feel like writing right now. Is dying? Even though you might hope so, no, it’s not. It’s summer, that’s all.

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  1. 1. So , who is the other regular visitor? Roar? Hallvard, or Christina Aguilera?

    2. two paychecks you say? need help spending it? I am always willing to help a friend. :-P

  2. how regular is regular? you may not know me (i’m just some insignificant seventeen-year-old in perth, western australia) but i come to this site every couple of days. it only occurred to me today, though, to post a comment to make this trivial fact known.

    though it goes without saying, i really like the site. keep it coming.

  3. Klas: It was the first paycheck of two.
    But I’m sure it would have been nice to get two paychecks at once.
    How are things by the way?

    So, how are you holding up Vegard?

    Kongsberg is damn hot at times when the sun really kicks in. Where is the summer? Two out of three weeks have been bad weather.

  4. Klas: I don’t have that many unique visitors per day, but the number is pretty steady (actually, it’s increasing a little), so I guess I have some regular visitors. And I need no help spending the money, I think.

    Ian: I guess “regular” is just “every now and then”. That people give me credit for the site is a real kick for me, to be honest. So, thanks.

    Tor-Erik: I’m doing all right, having a job I really enjoy at times, where I learn new stuff and are able to utililze knowledge I already have, too. Good stuff. And speaking about wheater: You can find the weather for Kongsberg with a few clicks on

    I have no shame!