…to drop tables and start using CSS exclusively …to do anything else than read for my exams …to tell certain people what I really think about them …to sleep for a whole week(end) …to slam my cellular with a sledge hammer, I really don’t need it …to come up with something really smart and make a fortune …to learn all the good pick up tricks (“for a fat girl, you don’t fart much”) …to make friends with everybody …to laugh at George W. Bush (wait a minute, I already do that) …to fire a gun …to drive a car really fast (and be able to load when I fuck up and smash into something) …to be really good at everything, right now I’m not …to design sites that consists of other elements than straight lines …to play the guitar perfectly …to write a few number one hits …to get to know the majority of female pop-stars better - and actresses for that matter …to get rich (did I already mention that?) …to get a nice, smart and sexy girlfriend (hey, what do you mean “yeah, right!") …to stay out of therapy …to write a really good movie script …to run a web site that gets really, really popular …to go all the places in the world I haven’t been at, and that’s quite a lot of places …to live to see 90 and still be able to remember what I did 20 seconds ago …to make lists of everything

or, just to sum it up:

…to live a life I’m perfectly happy with!