I finally got a new CLUE-license, it strange how dependent I’ve become of the program. Besides a couple of server-side hiccups, my SETI@home client is crunching work units like a madman. If I’m not finding ET within next month, I’ll be very surprised. The Weather service to your left had a few strange problems today, for a while I thought that Yahoo! had! actually! banned! me! from their site, but it looks like it was just another of those “it-strangely-solved-itself”-computer problems. Because of my local cache you might experience a few mysterious things the coming hour, though.

Today I’ve been spending looking for articles for my project. The problem is that there are way too many smart people out there who feel like sharing their wits with the rest of the world and the number of articles is enormous. So the challenge is not to find articles, it’s to find relevant (and understandable) articles.

Agenda for the rest of the day: Finish up the article-hunt for today, go to basketball practice at 22:00 and then head down to Stine.