If you have read any kind of tech-related online site today you probably know that Apple announced the 3G version of their iPhone yesterday. 3G is not the only new feature, it also has a GPS, Exchange support, a new version of Safari and even a scientific calculator - among other things. Hopefully, all the software related features will be available on the first generation iPhone as well, because I very much doubt that I will get the 3G version.

Apple will release its phone in several new markets, including Norway, where the operator NetCom has struck a deal through their parent company, TeliaSonera. It will be interesting to see if they can cope with the demand on the release date. Perhaps it will be even more interesting to see if there will even be noticeable demand. Norway is a tiny country, and without TeliaSonera I doubt that we would have been an interesting market. We are, however, first movers when it comes to new gadgets, and a lot of people have already bought an iPhone despite the fact that it has never been available for sale in the country. That makes me think that the people who will queue up for an iPhone already owns one.

Maybe the GPS is what will make them replace their old first generation unit.

And this site design? Getting mighty tired of it already.