Yes, it’s Christmas Eve, people. If you haven’t bought your Christmas gifts yet, you’re seriously running out of time! Personally, I bought all of them in early December.

The last few days I’ve mainly been doing three things; sleeping, working and playing EVE Online. The game is challenging but without a too steep learning curve and it feels very rewarding every time you learn a new skill or when you finally get enough money for that Badger. The social aspect of EVE is also very appealing and most of the people playing it is behaving and helpful. Of course you find the occasional troll or encounter a rat who nicks the content of your jetcan while your mining.

When I eventually get a large enough ship and is capable of actually hitting stuff when firing, I’ll of course hunt them down and kill them all, so it’s all good.

Since it’s Christmas and all, here’s something special just for you. Not real.