Job-hunt progress.

I few interesting things happened in my quest for a legit job today: I applied for two new jobs, both system developerish, I learned that I shouldn’t get my hopes too high when it comes to the vacancy at my university and some other huge consultant firm wants to know more about me. Yay for that! Tor Olav is going to the second interview on a job tomorrow morning, and he is only competing with one other guy for the position. Good luck, man! Send some of that good mojo you obviously have my way.

I overslept by about one hour today, a thing that wasn’t too bad because I made up for it buy staying an extra hour at the university. The last couple of days I’ve actually been able to get some work done, too. Since I stayed that extra hour I missed this evening’s first The Simpsons episode – and that’s not good – on my way home I ended up talking to people for an hour, resulting in me missing out on the second episode, too – even worse! But I can probably live with it.

Because now I’m going to play GTA Vice City for an hour or so. Good Stuff.

Then I’m going to sleep. And tonight I’ll sleep all night. No interruption, you hear that?

Actually, I wanted cheese cake instead of GTA Vice City, but the cake is hard as a rock and it said on the box that it had to defrost for three hours before I could eat it. So I’ll just have to settle with a computer game.

Crap, I’m hungry. Food, then Vice City. That sounds like an excellent plan!

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  1. Stupid ass Grimstad Kabel TV decided that I hadn’t paid my bills and now owe them 2500kr.. so the cut my cabel-modem yesterday.. and could of course not do anything about it until today.. which fucked up my “panick-reading-the-day-before-the-exam”-plan seriously.. the stupid thing is that I’ve paid but they can’t find it… my line was temporarily reopened today because the powerhungry maniack didn’t have the time to look into it today..

    V: How’s that cast entry ’bout Camilla coming along? :)

  2. Tor Olav, you drunken scallywag, you! And that probably goes for the rest of you, too!

    No Internet, huh? I laugh at you! The same thing might happen to us in a week or so, our landlord is a bit lazy when it comes to paying our Internet bill… It has happened once before.

    The Camilla-entry is currently has a status of quo a.k.a. nothing at all is written so far. It’s all in where it belongs, in my head.