Join the Rats

  • Honey, I’m home!
  • Hi, dear, how was your thirteen hour day at work?
  • Oh, it was great. First I got a document I’ve been waiting for for over a month, then I came up with a functional, yet not very efficient way to determine if a given IP address belongs to a specific subnet. And I finished the day with a four hour business meeting and a half hour jog in the park.
  • Sounds marvelous! You know, today Harold took his first steps?
  • Harold? I didn’t even know we had a son!
  • Well, technically, he is not your son, he looks a lot like the post man.
  • Oh, honey, that’s OK, I’m having an affair with the secretary and I’m planning to leave you and move to Spain with her.
  • That fits just in with my plans with your best friend Trevor!
  • Oh, pumpkin, I love you!
  • I love you, too!

Ten hours yesterday, thirteen hours today, and I suspect that tomorrow might break all records. Welcome to the jungle!

By Vegard Vines Skjefstad

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I understand its tough to work long hours.

But remember that you:
a) do this because you want to
b) you got the job because you are skilled at what you do
c) you are payed good money.



Not so fast, Vegard! You really ought to see about striking off #72 on the list while you’re still seeing two women, especially given that at least one of them is fine with the situation. The other will surely come around, right? Maybe if you invited Trevor or the postman to join in it’d help. I noted that #72 makes no mention of the exclusion of other men on the gig…

My own record is a mere eleven-and-a-half hours. However, that was spent in a God-forsaken furniture factory, standing up, putting wooden panels (some of which were pretty heavy) into cardboard boxes, which then had to be stacked (and they were heavy). All for a basic rate of Β£4.20 an hour.

Look at it through Klas’s checklist…
a) No.
b) No.
c) Hell, no!

No problem working that much some days when you get paid overtime (50% 4h, 100% after 4h) and the work is interesting, but if I had to work 10+h every day for weeks, then it would be tough…

so Klas: a:)yes b)well… I hope so c) ye$$$$$$$$$ :-)

a) Sure.
b) I didn’t really ever get the job, it was just suddenly there. Lucky fuck.
c) Uhm, the pay is good, but could get better.

When it comes to #72, I’ll rather have the guys wait in line until I’m finished, I think.

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