So I guess an update is in order, not only because I finally have something to write about, it’s also because that bastard Klas has opened his own, competing show and is really pulling in the crowds - we’ll see if you’ll ever make it to 1500+ unique visitors each day, you comment thief!

You might be wondering what my problem is. Did someone stick their thumb up my butthole and make we, really, really angry?1 Neh, it’s just a little frustrating to have nothing to write about because I work all fucking the time. This week I’ve not worked less than twelve hours each day, and on Thursday I started at eight in the morning, worked until one in the night and was back at work ten to eight the following morning. Add that I didn’t fall asleep until three in the night, this means means I worked for seventeen hours, slept for four and then did another eight hours on Friday. It sucked, but I had to get everything ready before I started my summer vacation.

Yes, that’s right, ladies and gentlemen - I’m now officially on summer vacation, my first real vacation since 2002. Tomorrow Hans Olav and I are leaving for Rome, where we’ll stay for a week. Am I looking forward to leaving the country? Hell, yeah! I’ll be far, far away from work and I’m not bringing my laptop.

I will, however, have my trusty 6230 with me, so expect some mobile updates.

Yesterday I went on a date with a new girl after the dating project with this girl just kind of fell through. None of us has been to eager to try a third date, so I’ll guess we’ll just leave it at that. This girl I went out with yesterday has potential, I guess. We’ll see. I wouldn’t mind meeting her again, that’s for sure.