Keep rollin’

It’s been a while now, the site hasn’t been updated since last Friday, which I think is the longest voluntary break I’ve ever had from updating. I’ve had longer breaks, but it’s been because of other things, like power failures and ISPs that suck. Quite a few things have happened since the last entry, some things that you really don’t care to hear about and that I won’t tell you, some things that you probably would like to hear but that I won’t tell you, and things you don’t want to hear that I’ll tell you anyway. In other words, this entry is just like any other entry.

First off, I’ve been given an offer to extend my contract with NRK. My new boot-date is now November 1. If I take their offer, that is. I’m still waiting to hear from The 5% Community about the job there. I got an e-mail from them saying that I was their silver candidate, but they were offering some other guy the job. If he didn’t want it, they’d call me. He’ll probably take their offer, meaning that I’ll spend another two and a half months at NRK.

And I don’t mind doing that.

So I needed a new place to live here in Oslo, since Therese is coming back to her apartment tomorrow (or at least so I thought, looks like she won’t be coming back until next Saturday, or something like that). I started to look for a new apartment on Thursday, and I was prepared to search for a while, because the residential market in Oslo are pretty bad at the moment. But I was (semi-)lucky, and found a place the same afternoon. So now I’ve moved in with a single mother with two kids (I actually never thought that should ever happened, but it just did) and some other guy who’s renting a room from her. The kids are 5 and 12, and they all seem like nice people, except that the 5 year old is like 5 year olds - pretty damn overactive. Maybe I can slip some sedatives in his food.

So, to summarize what’ve happened since the last entry:

All in all? Good stuff.

This post could probably have been a couple thousand lines long, but since the week after I last went to Trondheim was packed with über-long entries, I decided to keep it short this time.


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