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Korea in the Wet

Another weekend, another Formula 1 entry! This time, the teams have moved to South Korea and the brand new Korea International Circuit outside of Yeongam. The qualifying was an interesting one, with Hamilton almost crashing out on his way into the pits during Q1. As the race is about to start, there are no surprises on the grid with Vettel in pole, Webber on second and Alonso on third. Personally, I would have preferred Alonso in pole position, but hopefully he will be able to keep up with the Red Bulls in front of him.

The race should have been on as I’m writing this, but, like in Japan, it’s raining quite a lot and the start was postponed by 10 minutes. Because the race is held on a brand new circuit, none of the drivers has ever driven a rain lap on it. Also the brand new tarmac will bleed a little oil and mixed with the water, you get a very slippery mix. As a result, the race will start behind the safety car. As I’m writing this, we’re only mere seconds away from that to happen.

Aaaand we’re off! With the current championship standings, this could easily turn out to be a very interesting race, but it might take quite a few laps before the safety car enters the pits.

Alonso just reported on the team radio that it’s the worst conditions he has ever raced a Formula 1 car in. And there’s the red flag, and the race is being postponed until further notice. Crap. Well, while we’re waiting for the race to start for real, let’s enjoy a few pictures from yesterday.

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