l337 haxx0r.

In December last year my site was hacked by a retarded ass hole a.k.a. a computer-literate person with a little too much time on his hands using the scene-name AReK_5bY. He used a back door in Greymatter, the Content Management System I used back then. His hacking attempt was successful, and a couple of files were uploaded to the server. No real harm was done, though.

Now my good hacker-friend is at it again. This time he has left a comment in Entry #402, trying to use the same method that worked on Greymatter. But this time I think the attempt bounced off my custom made CMS and PHP-skills, and it looks like nothing really happened. I’ve been through the directory structure looking for the same shit that surfaced last time, but I couldn’t find anything. Anyway, I’ll keep a close eye on the logs in the next couple of days and see if he returns. My logs currently shows that he entered the site looking for files in the archives generated by Greymatter. When none of those could be found, he entered the archive, and then picked a random entry and tried to add a comment twice. The first attempt was successful, the second failed for some reason. And judging by the time stamps, it doesn’t look like an automated script, meaning that this person is actually manually trying to find sites to hack.

Tomorrow I’m going to bed with the enemy. I’m meeting Microsoft to discuss the possibility of a new and exciting (at least new) service with them. I should use the opportunity to hit them all with baseball bats, but that probably won’t be a very good idea, so I’ll just smile and play along.

I’ve sold yet another T-Shirt, this time to Tomas, which brings the total number of T-Shirts up to four and the number of Jr. Baby Doll T-Shirts to…erhm…one. Have you received it yet, Marte? Tomas is currenly living in Sweden. I think a lot of Swedish chicks would look good in the Jr. Baby Doll T-Shirt, don’t you?

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  1. h4x0rs suck.. atleast the l33t ones like your friend AReK_5bY..
    Your t-shirts are working!! Last weekend one of the guys I’m sharing a apartment with noticed that I was wearing one and I belive you got a hit because of it.. :)
    oh.. and this post is made using links a really phat linux console webbrowser.. yes, console means text only!! links is cool!! it even got frame support!

  2. i haven’t had any hacking attempts on my site so far (it’s only been up a few days, and still isn’t finished), but i am currently faced with an annoying problem of people wishing to turn the comment system into a forum. i just want to say, “leave me alone! find another site to be your forum, will you?”

    just goes to show how ambiguous the concept of owning webspace can be – too many people seem to take delight in leaving crap everywhere for the owners to clean up :(

    by the way, love the site, it’s had a decent influence upon my own. i hope you don’t mind!


  3. a guy that I have never talked to
    approached me after class today and asked me: “Who the hell is Vegard?”

    it turns out that he sat behind me and read most of the one-liners on the back. he missed the entire lecture because of your t-shirt! I may have convinced him to buy one. Go vegard!

  4. Klas: Bwahaaaha! I love it! You gotta buy more t-shirts so you can wear a clean one every day of the week.

    This is what I’ve always wanted: A walking billboard.

    Ian: Personally, I wouldn’t mind my comments turning into a forum. In some ways it might have done that already, at least with my regular comment-heads, Klas and .beldin.

    Your site is a nice one, the static header/menu-thingy works very well and you’re in my bookmarks. Looking forward to seeing some faces. I’m running 1600×1200 and the cloud-image is not large enough to cover the whole width of the screen.

    I don’t mind being your influence at all.

  5. Hm. Ok, headers and footers are 1600px wide now. I’d completely forgotten about doing that…it’s easy to, when your’re looking at everything in 1024×768.

    Anyway. I’ll probably purchase me a shirt, soon’s I have access to a credit card. So who knows, maybe in a couple of years…

    And regarding the comments, I’ve gotta agree with Vegard…I don’t really know why you’re being so fascist about them, Ian. I say let ’em at it!

  6. i don’t think i’m being that fascist – it is my site, after all, and i happen to want the content controlled carefully because of who i make it for. i don’t just make it for my irc-savvy friends, but my other friends, and my family as well. i have cousins in the usa who are seven and ten years old respectively, for example, and they’ll be visiting the site periodically.

    hence i have some basis for wanting to monitor what’s being left on my site, and removing what i deem unsuitable for a general audience. those guys should learn some manners, anyway!