Leaving the Country While I Still Have the Chance.

The last three weeks have been totally wicked. Work, work, work. But yesterday we finally saw some fruits of our hard work when Telenor launched their 3G network. About three years behind their schedule, but better late than never, never ever ever. Telenor is using our platform exclusively for all streaming services in their network, from Mobile TV to video on demand. Run down to your local mobile phone pusher and buy yourself a spanking new 3G phone and watch TV everywhere.

Right now I’m sitting at Oslo airport waiting for a plane that’s already an hour delayed. It’s not cool. I want to go home and sleep some more. Actually, what I feel like right now, is to be undeployed for a month or two.

Two nights ago, I dreamt I was on a plane that crashed. Bad omen? Could be. If this is the last entry ever; it was nice to know you…

Picture taken with a Nokia 6230

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  1. If you’d done this about five or six months ago instead of now, we could have met up in Old London Town. Wouldn’t that have been funny?

    But you wouldn’t have been in a position to introduce me to this Spider woman. That would not have been amusing.

    Well, I trust you’re having a marvellous time. Keep up the good work. ;)