Less Temporary Imprisonment

It was a pretty rough ride, but I made it through in one piece. I’m of course talking about my week off from work. I guess “three days” is a more accurate figure, I’m going back to the office tomorrow and Friday to get some stuff out of the way that I do not have the time to do next week. Things just magically pile up.

I never really experienced it, but I miss the days when e-mail, instant messaging, cell phones, fax, telex and even postal services was a thing of the future. If you wanted a message delivered, you either had to deliver it personally yourself or pay someone to put on their running shoes and deliver the message for you. And when the message was eventually delivered, you did not expect the job to be done two hours later, no matter how trivial you thought the job was. I mean, it could be that the guy who received it had something more important to do.

Now you probably wonder what I did these three days. On Tuesday me a Gine spent the day assembling a ridiculous amount of IKEA furniture. Hans Olav came by yesterday to check out Forza 2 and the Colin McRae Dirt demo, which hits the streets tomorrow by the way, I have had the chance to read a few more chapters in the first book in the Discworld series and played a little Forza 2 myself. Apart from that I can’t really remember anything that happened over the three last days, so my guess is that it wasn’t too exciting.

I do know what’s happening tomorrow, though: Dirt is released. I already mentioned that.


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