Let It Snow

It’s been snowing for one and a half day now, and it’s still snowing. I love it. I bought a copy of the latest Kent EP, copied it to my iPod and walked through the park on my way home from work. Excellent. I’m considering going outside with my camera, but it’s snowing a lot and I’m not sure how much snow it can handle.

The plan for tonight was to get really drunk together with Hege but she’s at home with the flu - and to be honest, I’m not feeling too well myself - so I guess I’ll crash on the sofa instead. Hello, Xbox.

While we’re talking about games, I noticed a couple of days ago that one of my favourite strategy games, Space Empires will be made available through Steam early February. The edition on Steam will be Space Empires IV Deluxe, and it will cost a laughable $19.99. Count me in. I’ve never actually won a game of Space Empires, but it’s still a hell of a lot of fun and you can play it on pretty old hardware, too. If you like strategy games, especially turn based, have a love for the universe, the final frontiers and beyond, I certainly recommend that you have a look at the game. $19.99 for this beauty is a real bargain.

I have the first Space Empires IV edition on a CD somewhere. Sounds like a plan.


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