Let’s All Go To San Andreas.

It’s been some really beautiful weather today and I was lucky enough to be able to leave work around five in the afternoon. Then I got home, had some dinner and fell asleep. What an excellent way to spend a little time off. Or maybe not. I laid down on my bed just to rest a little but instead I fell asleep the instant I hit the sheets.

The great weather can’t last forever and to make sure I’ve got an excellent reason to stay inside when the rain comes, I went out and bought a copy of the Xbox version of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. All the other games in the GTA series have been superb entertainment, and San Andreas looks like it’s no exception. I’ve only played for an hour and I’m already looking forward to some rainy days,

Today I got an invitation to David’s 30th birthday party. He’s a guy I know from when I studied in Grimstad. Great chap, and I’m really looking forward to seeing him and his craaazy friend Terje again. Put these two guys in the same room together and you really never know what will happen next. That he is turning 30 really surprised me, I was pretty sure he was about my age. Oh, well, mentally he can be more like twelve at times.

After a short break after the TC-mess, I’m back doing this again. Now, the problem is that some of the girls I get in contact with turn out to be somewhat computer literate, and when they get my MSN address it’s not that hard to find out more about me. I use my real name as my nick and you can even find my site pretty easily by searching for my MSN address. As I’ve outlined before, that’s not a very good thing. One more time: My site is not the way to get to know me. But you already know this, because I told you. Yeah, you. You know who you are.

I’m probably getting a week off from work in August and plan to go to Iceland. If any of you have been there, or even better, live there, I could need some suggestions on what to do. The cheaper the better, because the tax collector took all the money I’d planned to use on my vacation, and the more Kodak moments the better, because I’m bringing the camera. Of course.

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  1. honesty is a good thing.
    lying is a bad thing.
    telling everything at once is not necessarily a good thing.

    How about not using your real name, and just tell people after there has been some exchange of messages?



  2. Yeah, sure is a lot of strange people out there. But I take my chances. It’s not like I’ll ever meet anyone through work, and that where I am 75% of the day. Also, I like to think the best of people until the opposite is proven to be a fact.

    And while we’re at the subject of meeting people on the internet, when are you coming to Oslo?

  3. I visited Iceland almost a year ago and I believe you won’t have any problems finding plenty of Kodak moments.. :p .. I suggest you try to visit places like Blue Lagoon, Geysir, Gullfoss and ├×ingvellir. There’s also a few places I can’t remember the name of.. :p .. But whatever you do you should plan the trip a bit before you go. Since getting around Iceland can be a real pain, unless you rent a car (oh and if you do, remember that a road that looks big on the map might turn out to be a rather bumpy dirt road with scattered large rocks.. ;) )..