Let’s All Migrate.

Snippet from Internet Storm Center, emphasis by me:

A large number of web sites, some of them quite popular, were compromised earlier this week to distribute malicious code. The attacker uploaded a small file with javascript to infected web sites, and altered the web server configuration to append the script to all files served by the web server. The Storm Center and others are still investigating the method used to compromise the servers. Several server administrators reported that they were fully patched.

Hot tips for web server administrators and surfers:. The Apache HTTP Server, the Firefox browser and the Opera browser.

Again, I post another good photo from my local Cali es Cali archive. I’ve piled up a few photos over the last couple of weeks, and it’s about time to post some of them. I think I need to visit Cali one day just to see if the scenery is as good as it seems. But I’m prepared for a disappointment, I went to Miami a few years back and it didn’t look like it does on the idiot box. We didn’t see any smashing rollerblade-babes until we arrived in Fort Lauderdale.

Yet Another Cali es Cali Babe

Tonight I’m doing something I can tell you all about when I get back tomorrow.

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