I shot the last bad guy today. From point blank range with an AK-47. Right between the eyes. Still the progress meter only shows about 67%! What gives!?

Of course I’m talking about a game here, and not just any game. Over the last couple of weeks I’ve been playing Grand Theft Auto IV and it has been an entertaining experience. Great graphics, excellent story line, incredible details everywhere and of course you got to love a sandbox game. Tired of following the story line? What about creating a car pileup and dropping a hand grenade in the middle? Great fun. Did it make me want to throw hand grenades in public in real life? Not really, no.

I don’t think will ever go for a 100% game completion, hunting down every single pigeon in the city, completing every stunt jump. Perhaps I’ll go back to playing EVE Online again. Lately I’ve only logged whenever a skill training has completed to start a new one.

Checking the EVE Online site just now, I realized that a new expansion, “Empyrean Age” has just been released. Interesting…