Today I went to work. Then I went home from work. After that I ate dinner. And watched two episodes of Futurama. Then I played the guitar. Now I’m writing this. Oh, so much exiting happened today that I almost can’t control myself! Please notice the sarcasm. Yesterday was better, I played Burnout 3 for a while, then Hans Olav showed up - a potential addition to the cast if he’s OK with it - and we went out with a friend of his and had a coffer and some beer.

I was supposed to have a visitor today, make out, have fun, get laid, but then again no. It still hunts my mind, and I will remind you of it in the entries to come, but I’m taking the whole I-don’t-have-the-right-feelings-anymore-so-I’m-leaving-you-thing surprisingly well. Or maybe I’m just pretending I am. Friends help you pretend, in a way. Do I miss her? Hell, yeah!

This is actually the last picture I’ve got from Cali es Cali. I’ll post more as soon as they start to put the really hot chicks back online.

Maria Clara from Cali es Cali (