Life: Delayed until 10:40

So… Here I am, at another airport, waiting for another delayed flight. So far, it’s only delayed by twenty minutes, but from what I can tell, every flight to Scandinavia is either being delayed or cancelled. The most likely explanation is bad weather up north, but it could also be aliens, a Sami revolution, an American attack to free the Norwegian population from the evil oppressors (not interested in the oil) – or the Avian flu, of course.

I’ll know in a couple of hours.

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  1. So now you are in Trondheim? Drinking beer with Klas I’m sure. Sounds great, but remember that beer is cheaper here in the UK. So tell your firm you forgot something in England, and have to bring Klas to help you find it, then come to Bournemouth for a beer or ten. Good plan, huh? :)