Life in Retrospect

The party came and the party went. I got a little drunk, some people got totally hammered. I had a long chat with one of our neighbours across the street who decided to join us after we posted a huge invitation in our living room window two weeks ago. Unfortunately, I left her to chat with other people when someone else I wanted to socialize with arrived. In retrospect, I think it might have been more rewarding to stay where I were.

Someone also decided to get laid in a closet, rational enough to use a condom, unreasonable enough to throw the condom away inside the closet when they were done. It was a nice hunt but I finally found it. What about heading for the designated fucking area the next time you feel the urge? Yeah, there actually was a fucking area, the attic. I kid you not.

An interesting thing happened when friends I have in two different cliques met for the first time: They recognized each other from the cast section of this site. It was a good thing, as it instantly gave them something to talk about, and a bad thing because some started to complain about some of the information about them, which is terribly outdated. It looks like I have a job to do.

All in all, things were good all evening and most of the night, until some fuckers decided that “hey, these nice people decided to invite us to their home, let’s rip ’em off!” One of our other guests lost most of the contents of her purse, including money and credit cards, a mobile phone is gone, so is a jacket and I’m missing a bottle of CK Summer from the bathroom. I know it’s a good thing to smell nice, but give me a fucking brake.

We’re pretty confident who took our stuff, this is based on the fact that we found another missing mobile phone on one of the guys. Being confronted with this, they got a somewhat aggressive, but it came to nothing physical, and I’m very happy about that. The stuff is gone now, it’s very little we can do about it, except to never ever let them in and to frisk every single guest the next time we decide to organize a house party. If that’ll ever happen.

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