Linkin Park and their mountain thingy

A few simple words of advice from me to you: Don’t lay down on your bed for half an hour just to relax your eyes. You’ll only fall asleep and miss basketball practice. Crap. But I guess the guys were able to figure out something to do without me.

Today I actually felt that I got some work done down at the university, to be honest, it’s been a while since I had that feeling. Let’s hope it all continues tomorrow. At around one O’clock in the afternoon, I was in a good flow when the fire alarm suddenly went off. It’s not something you usually take very seriously, because it happens now and then. But this time it wasn’t a false alarm entirely, rather a fire drill. With smoke, firefighters and even some fire trucks. It was all a little action-ish with sirens and all. To bad I didn’t bring my camera to the office today, but I’m not very good at anticipating the future. Maybe one day I will.

On Saturday I bought the latest Linkin Park album, Meteora. Unfortunately, I didn’t hear through it before I bought it, because their previous album was pretty good, and I sort of figured that this one would be, too. But no. It wasn’t very good. And it’s not like I can go down there and trade it in for the Howie Day album, which I want to. Radio.Wazee played a track by this guy the other day, and it was pretty neat. I had a listen to the album at his website and now I want the album. But I’m almost broke and I’ve got $60 or so that have to last until April 15. So no CD for me. Pete Yorn is releasing his new album on the 15th, an album I’m getting whether I have the money or not.

No, I’m not planning to steal it. But I’m considering listening to it before I buy.


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