List of Things to Look Forward to

Every now and then it can be a good thing to take two steps back, then a deep breath and a good, long look at what the future can potentially bring. So here’s my list, in no particular order, of things to look forward to in the not-so-distant 2009 future.


No matter how much I like snow, I’m happy to observe that I can finally see asphalt again and that the snow is melting. After having skied both in Trysil and Røros in addition to quite a few local trips, I think I’ve overdosed on skiing this season and I’ve now stored the equipment in the basement. Go away, snow, you’ve done your job respectively well this season.

Formula 1

Yes, this Friday (tomorrow, that is) the 2009 Formula 1 season finally kicks off! “Kicks off” is probably the best metaphor for a motor sport, though. Anyway. With new rules to make sure we’ll see more overtaking, I for one is hoping it will be an exciting season. To actually see the practice sessions, qualifying sessions and the races might turn out to be somewhat challenging, however. The Viasat bastards (well known as ViaSatan amongst the Scandinavian Formula 1 fans) have moved everything from their free channels to pay-TV and I can’t even get the necessary sport channel on the cable TV provider I’m using. But I’m sure that’s a challenge that can be beaten in on way or another.

New t-shirts

Perhaps a bit trivial, but getting a new t-shirt from Threadless is always a pleasure. Since spring usually follows after summer and the Norwegian summer is very t-shirt friendly, I should probably order one soon.


This certainly looks like a movie you should see this year. The world premiere is not until the 9th of September, but there is no shame in looking forward to it already. If you’ve never heard of “9”, you should have a look at the trailer and also the fabulous short movie the full feature length one is based on. I added it below so you don’t even have to click the link.

In addition to 9 there is of course all the other great movies that I don’t know about yet, but that I will still I’ll see this year.

Rise Against at Øyafestivalen

I almost wet myself when I accidentally stumbled across this. Rise Against is a punk rock band from Chicago that I first heard last year on one of the internet radio stations I’m listening to. I bought a couple of their CDs and played them over and over again, so much in fact that they are now the 8th most popular band on my profile. And now they are coming to Oslo to play. Huzzah!

The trip to North Korea

It’s not that many days now until I leave for China, and I’m staying there for a couple of days before entering the DPRK. It will be very interesting to see if we are allowed to cross the border because the North Koreans are planning to launch a satellite into orbit, something that the US of A and other some countries close by really don’t like that much. This has resulted in the United States sending two battleships capable of blowing up airborne missiles and the DPRK has stated that any dicking around with their launch will be considered a declaration of war.

Worst. Timing. Ever.

Tomorrow’s house warming party

Technically, I don’t live in a house per se, so I guess I should call it a flat warming party. If you can behave, preferably know who I am and have not received an invitation (since you’ve either decided to commit social suicide by not having a Facebook account or I just plainly forgot to invite you), give me a ring and I’ll give you directions. Or you can simply piggyback on someone else who is going. The band starts playing at eight. Hit it, Frank!

Tomas and Ingeborg’s wedding

It’s a wedding, good friends and most likely very good fun. ’nuff said.

All the people I don’t know yet

Considering my new, social, outgoing, no more “I gotta work”-lifestyle, I’m sure I will meet a lot of interesting people this year. That’s just got to be something to look forward to.

And in addition to all this there are the events and happenings I don’t remember right now and all those small, wonderful surprises that life tends to throw at you when you least expect it1. Yes, I’m pretty sure I was a bit sarcastic just now.

  1. No, I’ve not been smoking anything illegal. ↩︎


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