Can the stupid, inbred motherfuckers who’re opening strange attachments in their e-mails please stop doing it, it’s damn annoying for those of us who are not stupid. Yet another worm is spreading throughout the Internet. This time it’s the sixth version of the Sobig worm, W32/Sobig.F@mm (Norman, Symantec). It carries a malicious payload, an attachment that needs to be started manually by the recipient. And still the virus is spreading fast. Why?

I’ll tell you why. Because it’s a law of nature that no matter how many times you warn people that they should not open strange attachments, they still do it. The attachment is not a real nude picture of Russian tennis babe Anna Kournikova - even if that would have been a nice thing. It’s a virus. It’ll infect your computer. It’ll steal your bandwidth. It’ll annoy your friends.

What will probably come out of all this is that I manage to open a malicious attachment myself one day.

If it can stop you from opening attachments: A new shot from the never-ending galleries of Cali es Cali:

Claudia from Cali es Cali

Yeah, that was a pretty bad excuse for posting a picture, but who needs an excuse anyway?

I’m still working on the ΓΌber-secret service for NRK, a not so well-guarded secret that has leaked to at least one other Norwegian media company according to my list of people who’ve registered. So if anyone is working their ass off to beat us and make a similar service, I’ll just have to warn you. Hold your horses, we’re ready to push the service into production as I’m writing this (and I actually wrote this paragraph yesterday). I laugh at you!

And when we’re talking about work. Out of the blue my contract with NRK was extended to December 31. Yay for that, eh?