Live Show! Outskirts of Trondheim, Easter anno 2003!

Today I’m not going to complain and wail about how little work I got done and the extreme lack of motivation, because the two of you who are reading this on a regular basis are probably a bit tired of listening to me. I still think I’ve got some reason to complain, but I’ll spare you today and save it for tomorrow instead.

I listened to Pete Yorn’s latest release on his website, and I’m going to buy the album, for sure. A few songs sounded good right away, a couple was OK, but I think most of them are the kind of songs that grows on you. And those are the best. Songs you immediately like, are songs you also get tired of very fast. At least that’s usually the case with me. I also listened to some clips from an album by Danish band Mew. I’ve seen their single on MTV a couple of times, but it was just now that I realized it was Mew who performed it. Sounds like a good album, I think I’ll just buy that one, too. And since I got a gift certificate at the music store as a late birthday present from Stine yesterday, I can get two albums and not spend a single buck more than I planned. Ah, life is good. The only problem is that I have to wait until Tuesday, when the stores open again. Or maybe they open on Saturday. I have no idea.

Hans Olav is also stuck in Trondheim, working on his project. Tonight we might head downtown for a quick photo tour and some beers. Spring has begun to chase away winter, things are getting a little more colorful, the light is good and, if I’m lucky, I might end up with a few Kodak moments. Or just a bunch of really bad pictures, like I usually do. Good fortune to me!

I’ve pointed my $30 Logitech QuickCam Express webcam out my bedroom window, so if you’ve always wondered what Easter Vacation 2003 looks like in the outskirts of Trondheim, this is your chance to find out. I wouldn’t expect too much action, though. And there are no fjords in sight. But if a lawn, a street light and a fence do it for you, I recommend that you have a look.


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