My Scottish real estate deal was successful and I shall now only answer when addressed as Lord Vegard, Lord of Lochaber. If you’d like to visit my fine estate, put on stout boots, bring a GPS and simply follow these instructions: If you’re not in Scotland already, go there. Then head for Glencoe. Next, take the A828 to Dumr Village. 200 meters beyond the small right hand turning to Cuil is Duror cemetery. Park on the right hand side of the road on a stretch of the old road, and walk along the grass verge south from the car park around the right hand bend. Cross the road carefully opposite Corragon house. At this point, you should turn on the GPS and find Ordnance Survey Reference 197929100 754230900. When you reach the reference point, measure one foot south and one foot east from there. Welcome to my 1 square foot estate. Make yourself at home.