Love me, I’m famous.

I still haven’t heard anything from any newspapers regarding Mr. X. A disappointment really, doesn’t he have any nerd friends who visit my site? Everyone should have a nerd friend who visits my site.

The number of sites that link to mine are quite few. If they do, it’s usually because I’ve added a comment or a profile or something. Like waferbaby. On rare occasions, I find my site linked in someone else’s blog entries. Like Unfortunately, these links are usually only available for a short while and does not produce that much traffic. Every time Hell decides to freeze over, someone makes a permanent link to on their site. Like Ine. She’s been kind enough to link to my site. What’s funny with this link is that I’m linked as Page-3-Vegard, probably referring to my habit of posting pictures of half-nude chicks. Just like various tabloids, like The Sun.

And since it’s been a while, I have to be careful to maintain my reputation:

Another hot chick from Cali es Cali

A couple of posts ago I told you about Camilla‘s successful dating. It seemed to me that it was turning into something rather serious and now I’ve been proved right. She’s not technically dating anymore, her date is now her boyfriend. I really, really hope that everything works out for her, that she’s got more luck with this guy than other guys she’s been dating. Like me.

I’m totally out of things to write these days.

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  1. The only “drawback” is that with more pictures (not that posting them is a bad thing!!) you would probably go from Page-3-Vegard to Playboy-Vegard… :)

  2. ha funny. posting pictures of half-nude chicks might be the problem. But I have stopped linking to people I don’t care anymore.

    Still nice site, the menu is kind of off but and the comment link is hard to spot. Nice text though.

  3. you are so very beutiful.your skin complextion is so soft & texture so smooth. Pls maintain it as it is.

  4. well…. i guess its something….whatever…. are you really so into yourself that you want people to tell you what they think of you…hmmm. what world do you live in… how about you try and mabey … awwww. who am i kiddin… you really are pretty… would you please respond and give meaning to my pathetic existance… if you dont i might try to kill myself… he he he

  5. damn girl if u wer on paper u would be a fine print…..daaamn girl wit that wepon u could take me over. ur so hot and sexy how bout we do somthin a little naughty together hmmm? plz send me pics of u

  6. Am I the only one thinking these absurdly stupid comments are fakes, as in written by frequent posters posing as hormone-raging imbeciles?

  7. there is only one way to put it…
    you are a beautiful, attractive, sexy, incredible young woman.
    if you ever need anyone to talk to just e-mail me i will get back to u as soon as i can.
    if you can plz send me some of your pics, i am in awe of your body. :) hope to talk to u soon. Later.

  8. Do they actually think the model frequents this site and are attracted to emotionally retarded, pimpled pre-puberty-teens? My mind boggles..

    (Psst! Just in case you do, Ms Cali, how does dinner for two sound?)