Make Love, Not War

It’s good to be able to take the bus without having to worry about the fact that you might be blown to pieces any second. It’s a good thing to be able to go to work without the fear of being kidnapped, displayed on TV and then beheaded. It’s a good thing to be able to walk to the subway station without the nagging thought that every parked car might be rigged with a bomb.

Basically, Oslo is a damn safe city to live in, with the exception of the odd mugging and murder that is bound to happen in a city of this size.

I guess that it could be because Norway is not at war at the moment1. 16 people got killed when two suicide bombers blew themselves up on two buses in Beer Sheva in Israel today. Israel is occupying land in the Middle East because it says in a big, black book that they are allowed to do so. Today we could also see in the news that 12 Nepalis were killed by Iraq militants, one was beheaded, the other eleven were shot to death. They worked for a Nepalese company that works under a Jordanian firm doing business in Iraq. It’s a pretty slim link to the US of A - the country that Iraq militants really don’t like - but as a militant, I guess slim is good enough. This afternoon, nine people were killed when a bomb exploded in Moscow. Russia is currently occupying Chechnya, a military operation we’ve heard very little about after Vladimir Putin was elected President in Russia.

I’m not sure where I’m going with this. I guess an easy conclusion is something like “go to war, occupy land == bad” and “not go to way, not occupy land == good”.

Why can’t we all just be friends and look at this extremely sexy picture from Cali es Cali?

Maria Clara from Cali es Cali (

  1. We do have a couple of officers in Iraq, but nobody knows that. Besides, Norwegian politicians like call it a “humanitarian operation”. ↩︎


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