April One-liners

Here are a few additions to the collection:

  • I like birthdays, but I think too many can kill you.
  • Strong people don’t put others down. They lift them up and slam them on the ground for maximum damage.
  • Marriage is the main reason for divorce.
  • Escalators don’t break down. They just turn into stairs.
  • Intelligence is like an underwear. It is important that you have it, but not necessary that you show it off.
  • A liberal is just a conservative that hasn’t been mugged yet.
  • I bet you I could stop gambling.
  • Sometimes the first step to forgiveness, is realizing the other person was born an idiot.
  • Time is what keeps things from happening all at once.
  • I think that if I died and went straight to hell it would take me at least a week to realize I wasn’t at work anymore.
  • It takes patience to listen. It takes skill to pretend you’re listening.
  • Never marry a woman who was captain of the debate team.
  • My therapist says I have a preoccupation with vengeance. We’ll see about that.
  • All the problems fade before a hangover.
  • The most beautiful makeup of a woman is passion. But cosmetics are easier to buy.
  • Cake: The answer, no matter the question.
  • Isn’t it weird how when a cop drives by you feel paranoid instead of protected?
  • I always take life with a grain of salt. Plus a slice of lemon and a shot of tequila.


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