Today I applied for my first real job. So I can start to earn real money. And pay back my student loan. I think I’m qualified for the job, too. I might not get it, but at least I was qualified. The smart thing to do would have been to apply for a few jobs there were no chance in hell I would get anyway, and get turned down on them, instead of getting turned down on a job I actually had a chance on getting. But, you know - happy thoughts, happy thoughts. Maybe I’ll get it, who knows? I’ll tell you more about the job if it comes around. The money is good, though. Or at least good enough for me.

Got a very interesting e-mail from HMV today. My copy of Matthew Good’s latest masterpiece, ‘Avalanche’, which is scheduled for release tomorrow was shipped to me today. That means I’ll probably have it by Friday. Joy, oh, joy. If you have a look at Matthew’s homepage, you can download the full version, with video, of the first single from the album, ‘In a World Called Catastrophe’. It’s not as good as the first video that was made available on the site, ‘Weapon’, which absolutely rocked. Unfortunately, that one is no longer available. But fear not, fellow music lovers! Browse over to Sympatico where you’ll find full versions of both ‘Weapon’ and ‘In a World Called Catastrophe’ (no video, though). The site will also feature a clip from a new track every day for as long as there are tracks on the album. Today’s track is #7, ‘While We Were Hunting Rabbits’, which I’ll run over and listen to as soon as I’m done writing this. Yesterday’s track was #6, ‘21st Century Living, a rather strange track, but it was OK and probably one of those that grows on you. Like biology does.