Tomorrow afternoon I’m leaving for France. I’m going to Cannes to attend the 3GSM World Congress 2005 together with Ola. We’ll be living in Nice as it wasn’t possible to get a hotel room at a reasonable price in Cannes. That’s the charm of booking too late. Going to the congress could be interesting, and certainly a welcome change from my everyday routines. The exhibition had over twenty nine thousand visitors last year, so there might be potential to hook up with some new costumers. And a congress that size could also be a nice place to visit for fruitcakes with too much TNT strapped to their bodies.

My favourite Swedish band, Kent recently released a new single called Max 500. So far, so good, I’m looking forward to their tour this Summer.

I’m tired. Or not tired, just worn out. Because of this, my head isn’t really working like it should and I’ve got nothing interesting to write.